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#ToughLove with Tiffani & Astro Predictions for Week of February 5

Astro Predictions for February 5 – 11

This week, the stars are in much more balanced positions than the Capricorn-heavy weeks of January.

You may already be feeling some of the relief around that – but just know that Saturn & Pluto are both still in Capricorn for quite a while longer. This places a significant focus on stability, establishing and tackling goals, and preparing for your future.

But now, we’ve got the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all in Aquarius – this gives an otherworldly, unattached, dream-like energy to our future-focused thoughts & actions.

On the flip side of serious Saturn & phoenix-like Pluto in Father Capricorn, we’ve got Mars in fun-loving Sagittarius and Uranus in impulsive Aries. You might be experiencing a desire to act out in some way, to stretch your wings independently and find your own way.

Finally, we find spiritual Neptune at home in Pisces, along with the Wounded Healer asteroid, Chiron. You’re definitely feeling a pull, a call to come “home” to your Higher Self. You’re seeking something bigger, something fulfilling, something healing.

All things considered, we are in a wonderful position to be working toward the next big phase of our lives.

Let yourself FEEL what feels good. Notice. Follow that. It’s not in your field on accident.



This week’s #ToughLove Schedule:




“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Helen Schucman, A Course In Miracles

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