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#ToughLove with Tiffani & Astro Predictions for Week of February 12

Weekly astro transits for February 12 // #ToughLove with Tiffani sessions for this week

Astro Predictions for February 12 – 18

This week, we have a New Moon in innovative Aquarius.

New Moon time is when we make plans and focus on new beginnings.

This isn’t time to dwell in the past or give too much attention to what we want to remove from our lives; instead, we should give our energy solely to the act of creation.

Passionate, loving Venus moved into spiritual Pisces yesterday, February 11, giving a deeper sense of meaning to our acts of love and the creative process, itself.

This Pisces Venus energy is held up by a sextile aspect to stable, growth-oriented Capricorn Saturn this week, too. Give yourself permission to explore your passions with the promise of knowing you’ll fall into exactly the right situation for your future to be like the one you’re dreaming & journaling & visualizing with extreme clarity.

Fair Warning, Gorgeous: Mars in spontaneous Sagittarius is going to test you here. Sometimes, the thing you want to do/have/be and know your Higher Self wants for you feels scary. We can have feelings of unworthiness, of doubt, of panic.

You’ve got two options here: You can sabotage yourself and just do the thing that feels “fun” for now. Or you can put your heart and fucking soul into this, and skyrocket into the next phase of your life with zest and moxie.

Every week or so, North Node goes Retrograde – this will be happening from the 15th through the 22nd, in fiery Leo. Notice how you’re asking/expecting others to express love during this time period.

When you give love, it shouldn’t be given with the expectation of you getting something in return. That makes it a favor.



This week’s #ToughLove Schedule:


Weekly astro transits for February 12 // #ToughLove with Tiffani sessions for this week



“The most powerful spiritual practice for me is the act of loving myself fiercely. Because in my experience, everything becomes possible when a person dares to meet with the love inside them. And so, I still sometimes whisper to myself, and to the spirit of that woman who wants so much to know love, that love, true love, means no longer waiting.” – Meggan Watterson, How to Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People)

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