Tiffani Purdy is an Astrological Life + Biz Strategist for Women with Moxie, who are done settling for anything but their absolute best life.


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Moxie + Magic Mavens Facebook Group

mox·ie (\ ˈmäk-sē \) – noun. having energy, pep; courage, determination; & know-how.

ma·ven (\ ˈmā-vən \) – noun. one who is experienced or knowledgable & is keen to share what they’ve learned.


We’re learning the tricks of the trade.

We know that we are Creators – and we have fun with it.

We celebrate each other’s wins, and we help each other to reach new heights.

We look to the Stars for guidance because we know the Universe speaks in many different languages, like math and light and time.

We are Moxie + Magic Mavens 💫


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