Tiffani Purdy is an Astrological Life + Biz Strategist for Women with Moxie, who are done settling for anything but their absolute best life.



Love Notes

My clients all come to me for different things + experience different results, but one thing remains the same: They’re all beautiful people who have said some pretty nice things about working with me.

“Tiffani is AMAZING! I came to Tiffani for self love and putting myself first and was attracted to her, because she used astrology as part of her coaching. She did my natal chart and I was BLOWN AWAY at how accurate it was. I then used the majority of our coaching sessions after that to do natal charts for others in my life and synastry for my most important relationships. I mentioned to her that I realized I had used most our coaching session for just natal charts, but realized how much it helped with my growth and also helped me understand those who are important to me better. Thank you so much for all your time and support you’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know! I look forward to continuing studying natal charts and learning more!”
– Desiree Garcia

“I’ve been following Tiffani + her work for several years and through several different iterations, and it has been so incredible to see her step into her power. Seriously – she is SO in her zone of genius and this woman kills it with her coaching.

I’d been getting messages to expand my own self exploration for a while now, and one of the areas I was drawn to was understanding astrology – and how I can use it to understand my unique history. I could not have asked for a better guide through starting to explore this process.

When Tiffani read my natal chart, I was so blown away by her insight and knowledge. She provides a perfect combination of SO MUCH information with the background info to explain all of this to a natal chart newbie! Tiffani tapped into all areas of my life, explained so much of the challenges I deal with and helped me to really step into some of my gifts in an ever greater level. All of this in just an hour!

Since our session, I’ve been more and more tuned into what’s happening celestially, and using those energies as a guide to channel my efforts in ways that are most productive. The ritual + intentionality of incorporating the information from my chart reading into my daily life has been absolutely divine, and so inspiring.

Love working with Tiffani, and I cannot recommend doing a reading with her enough! So much so that I’ll likely be sending my clients to Tiffani for their own readings!”
– Chelsea Quint

“Ahh so knowing and understand my natal chart has been so damn enlightening. Like being aware of how I deal with my emotions, anger, communication, how I see money… everything has helped me be a better/calmer person and even helped my relationship with my husband. Because I share what I find out with him! And knowing his chart gives me more patience with him and helps me be a better partner.”
– Rachel Symington

“Thank you so so much for going through and explaining my natal chart. Now I feel like traits I thought were “negative” actually aren’t at all. I can now expect how I will react to others/situations and have more of a sense of control over myself. Also I don’t feel so obligated to follow society’s expectations and rather what is best for me and what allows me to be my best self. Thank you again so much for doing this for me”
– Kristen Singer

“I really enjoyed having you read my chart because you just made it SO FUN. It was real, it was honest, and it really helped me understand traits about myself that I thought were bad but are not. It also made me really excited for things to come!”
– Siany Espinoza

“Do yourself the biggest favor and work with Tiffani NOW. I am still taking everything in from our call, but it has been such a beautiful, empowering and inspiring experience. I know so much MORE about myself – and feel completely shifted with how I show up in the world + my life. A million thank you’s for truly blowing my mind – in the best way!
– Hannah Enterline

“I’ve been teaching myself how to interpret my natal chart, but I knew that Tiffani would be able to provide me with more. Boy was I right! It’s a pretty incredible thing listening to how well Tiffani can make sense of the planets, lines, & positions of everything up there and how it all transitioned to who I am. It’s hard to put into words how it feels. In short, it’s a relief to hear an explanation of why I’m so interested in wellness, & why I’m so attracted to organization. I’m not crazy! Schedule your time with Tiffani, you won’t be sorry. Learning about your story through your natal chart, via someone like Tiffani who can say it all without bullshit, is a treat. My advice? Listen to what she says, take notes on your replay!”
– Samantha Rae Oliver