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March 2018 Masterclass: “Look to the Stars for… Career Guidance”

In this monthly Masterclass series, we explore different aspects of the natal chart to become more clear on how to read charts as a whole and better understand ourselves.

Begin to unfold the layers of how you function on a cellular level, so you can embrace your natural strengths and opportunities as a human being.

March’s workshop theme is CAREER GUIDANCE

~ Watch LIVE on March 13, 14, 15! ~

Limited spaces available – only 50 participants will be allowed to join the LIVE experience, so LIVE Access to this Workshop is first come, first served!

We’ll be taking a look at different elements of our charts that are analyzed for Career readings, including:

  • The different Houses that tell us more about our over-arching career theme, as well as what you have a natural aptitude for doing everyday and how you relate to money

  • Different Stars to look for when seeking guidance in finding our purpose in life

  • Insights in your chart to see how you best communicate your ideas and your emotions to the world at large, so you can better position yourself in growing your soulfully-guided career

  • How to check your own astrological transits for important dates, like business launches, interviews, and important meetings

  • And more!

Want in? Get your ticket to the LIVE Workshop here!

*Only 50 spots are available for LIVE access. Anyone who purchases will receive a link after the workshop for you to have private lifetime access to the replays.*

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I’m an Astrological Life + Business Strategist – that means I look to the Stars and to your own natal charts to help my clients achieve their next-level breakthroughs, creating lives and businesses that are aligned with their soul and their purpose.

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