Tiffani Purdy is an Astrological Life + Biz Strategist for Women with Moxie, who are done settling for anything but their absolute best life.


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3. Being Unapologetically, Authentically You

Episode 3: Being Unapologetically, Authentically You

Tiffani & Gina are throwing off all veils and coming to you raw, real, and 100% unapologetically, authentically themselves. It’s time to be YOU, own your space, and step into the shoes of the woman you were born to be.

Tiffani has recently rebranded to her own name, after 5 years as an entrepreneur. Gina is focusing on building HER brand after deciding to just be herself instead of wanting to be like some other solopreneur.

How are you taking charge of your space & being unapologetically you today? //

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